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Please consider making a TAX DEDUCTIBLE { 501(c) 3  Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Organization } donation for the care, rescue, transport and adoption of many animal breeds that are being supported, fostered, or re-trainedat Last Chance Ranch.   By investing thousands of dollars into Advanced Training, travel to seminars, graduation from the Animal Behavioral College, the "Tellington T-Touch" Advanced Expert Classes, Helen has managed to acquire an impressively extensive Curriculum Vitae (see below).  Currently she's one of the more Advanced Experts in the  Southeast for hands-on training, teaching, and practical experience in "Animal Behaviorism."  With almost no outside help, by using personal earnings to fund the multi-faceted education, many of the Vet bills, food, shelter,  transport, and supplies while also training for rehabilitation, many animals considered un-adoptable,  she has indeed provided the Compassionate & Loving Care of a LAST CHANCE"  for hundreds of animals (dogs, cats, birds, & even a few reptiles) over the past 30+ years.


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